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About the Hair care Line

Queen Quaymo Hair Care line is designed specifically for Women, Men, & children that  promotes healthy and beautiful hair .  All  products have been formulated with natural botanical ingredients that aid in strengthening, shielding, and hair growth.

White Cream

Queen Quaymo Hair Care Reviews !

I’m very impressed with the results I’ve seen so far.  I’m also glad I’m documenting this journey.  I called my husband to the bathroom to show him and told him that when I wash my hair and finger combing it in the shower, I barely have enough for a hair ball.  To provide a visual aid...I used to have enough hair coming out for three Doll heads and enough to make a wig! Thank you so much sister! my hair is getting longer and stronger

Golitha Smith

This shampoo works so good for my daughters hair! Ill be buying more and more! I love the way that it makes her curls  pop and how much easier it is to manage.

Shian Mitchelle

I have been looking all over for the perfect product for my baby girls and all of them have made claims that it will help with the dryness and itchiness of the scalp. This is the first time that i can honestly say that i found a great product that not only helps with scalp irritation but also helps with moisture! These products are everything!

Chrissy Salgado


Ice Cream Curl Cream

This Curl cream is great for enhancing your curls and moisturizing and hydrating your hair. It is lightweight, and filled with antioxidants and botanical ingredients.

Lemon Coconut Milk

Lemon Coconut milk is the  perfect Leave in moisturizer with a combination of moisture and antioxidants, to help condition and detangle overworked kinky, curly and wavy tresses.

Key Benefits:

  • Moisturizes and protects

  • Helps to minimize breakage

  • Protects against damage and split ends

  • Great for all hair types

  • Detangling agents help keep hair soft, smooth, and free from breakage

Curl Box

This Bundle Kit has everything needed to keep those kinks and curls curly and healthy. This Bundle includes

  • 8 oz curl cream

  • 8 oz Rice Water Conditioner 

  • 8 oz Moisturizing shampoo

  • 8 oz hydration conditioner

  • 8 oz lemon coconut milk (leave in lotion)

  • 2oz Growth oil

  • 2oz Alopecia super Growth oil


Queen Quaymo Haircare products are available in bulk/wholesale for Beauty supply stores and retailers!

send email/call  for request!

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