Nov 7

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People are having success with this self-development program: http://bit.ly/34J6icX . I recommend reading the reviews on the site. The people who have tried it say that the system changed his life.

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  • Feel free to ask question about hair care, interviews, starting a podcast ect. This forum is a easy way for me to communicate with my customers and subscribers and give them exclusive information and tips that other are not exposed to. Feel free to tell your friends about this website and forum and have them subscribe as well.
  • Queen Quaymo Hair Care Line is designed specifically for natural women, men, and children to help with the promotion of healthy moisturized, beautiful hair. All of my products are infused with herbs and organic botanical oils to help with balancing moisture, adding shine, and aid in growing your hair. I have a collection of products available on my site and I have more on the way! Please make sure that you are subscribed to the website and checking out "Black Hair Care Matters" on instagram for more tips and flash sales!
  • I get asked this all of the time and the answer is "Yes". Regardless of hair type or texture we all have one thing in common and that's that our hair needs moisture. However, with that being said, it is important that you understand your hair type/curl pattern before applying heavy doses of any product on your hair. The key to using any Organic Product is to remember that " Less is more." Start of using a nickel size amount and really massaging the product on to scalp,follicles, and shaft and add more as you need it, but remember to allow time for the product to saturate your hair before applying heavy globs. If you have more questions about that application of products and need help with techniques feel free to contact me.