This shampoo detoxifies Hair and Scalp as well as 
•Unclogs Pores
•Removes Build Up And Impurities I ingredients contain
Lemon , Tea Tree Oil , almond oil,pure Castile. Rinse hair with warm water thoroughly for 2-3 minutes which will help to insure activation of the detoxifying solution. Apply a moderate amount of the Shampoo into the palm of the hands and massage gently into the scalp from roots to ends. After fully activating the detoxifying solution, rinse out thoroughly and repeat as needed. 

Step 2: Condition hair for 30 mins And apply Daily Leave-In Conditioner, follow directions.

What It Does:
This Clarifying Shampoo An all natural detoxifying system made of  pure ingredients and tea tree oil to remove toxic build up from the root to the tip, while unclogging pores, and stimulating growth. Perfect for color-treated, natural, chemically- treated, and heat-damaged Hair

Lemon Clarifying Shampoo

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