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Queen Quaymo Podcast

Thank you guys for taking the time to check out my new blog and website! I appreciate every last one of you for being true supporters of the Queen Quaymo Podcast and I have a lot of changes on the way for you guys. OK before I begin, let me just throughout here that this blog article will not be like the rest of the websites that you see around here. I am very free spoken, I write how I speak(which means that there will be a lot of grammar errors) and majority of the content and messages are at random. Recently I relocated from Denver Colorado to Indianapolis Indiana, and boy when I tell y'all I been busy, that is a understatement. I started podcasting Jan 7,2018 and as of today I have 45 published episodes. I started off only being on the Anchor Fm station but now I am on 6 different stations. My goal with the podcast is to spread awareness, help promote, and embrace every avenue in the black community. Even though some of the topics are very serious I still find a way to include comedy as well as profanity(I curse a whole lot.) If you have not done so already take the time to listen to my podcast on Itunes/Google play music. Search Queen Quaymo, hit subscribe, listen and share!!!!

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