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Upcoming Changes

Was-up y'all! I know that everyone been waiting on the new podcast episodes, but I been grinding y'all. I got a lot of exciting things coming up with the Queen Quaymo podcast and website.

1.) Products launch- As of June 1st, The Queen Quaymo Podcast will selling apparel items created by WAKEUPRISE with images that spread awareness about the the issues in the black community. With the earnings that I earn from the items sold, I will be donating 20% to a non profit organization for the children of the minority community.

2.) New Interviews!- There are alot of interviews coming up with different business owners,entrepreneurs,artists,ect. The goal is to have a variety of different topics and guest that can help inspire the listener. I definitely check my emails and try to give you guys what you ask for.

3.)New Content- I have taken the time to do a little more research to give yo guys information that can be useful. Dont worry yall! I still will be doing my occasional freestyle sessions. Yall know i got barz for days lol.

I have alot moe things that are are coming up, but thats enough of the sneak peak. yall gone have to just sit back and wait until its time.. lol thank yall for reading my article. keep in touch for the next one.

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