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The After-Math of "The Starbucks Boycott"

We all are aware of the situation that occured at Starbucks with the 2 African American Men who were arrested for what seem to be due to racial profiling. Because of that, Many Black americans have decided to take action and boycott starbucks. Since then the 2 brothers have been compensated 200,000 dollars that they decided to donate to the city of Philadelphia to help young enterpernuers.In addition, the CEO of the company has decided to close all of the stores on May 29th to provide racial bias prevention training. Now that this is all said and done, what I wanna know is are we(black folkz) done boycotting starbucks? I need answers because I aint gone lie to y'all this boycott killed me! They got the best damn coffee in the whole wide world but I was not about to be the only "Woke Nigga" in the community getting caught drinking they coffee so I definitely took a stance. I understand completely why our people feel the way that we do and why it is necessary to boycott However, I dont feel like we understand the full motions of boycotting. Boycotting is more than just making a decision not to eat/buy from a establishment it is about executing a plan. I mean its obvious that we will have everyone's undivided attention when we effect how their money is being made. This is the power.. We have their attention or their balls by the hand so to speak, now that we have them by the balls the only way to release them is by setting out a list of demands. We have to make sure that if we make moves and what to have successful results we need to have order. But anyways back to the starbucks situation, I personally am letting my guard down on starbucks because they actually took action on correcting their errors. I personally think that we have bigger fish to fry and that the starbucks scenario is a good spark of empowerment for future movements. I hope we can put the same energy that we put into starbucks into the police brutality cases, NFL Kneeling, Waffle Houses, I mean the list can just keep on going. I was impressed with the amount of people that participated in the boycott and overall it did give me hope.

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