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How the Media and White Society Ruined Bobby and Whitney

As all of you know the "Bobby Brown Story " has been airing on BET and it has been the talk on everybody headlines. Everyone was so surprised at how much ass Bobby Brown was getting, and that he fucked Janet Jackson and threw her ass out of the hotel room naked. However one of the most conflicting stories was the way that Whitney Houston character was portrayed in the movie. They made it seem like she was just a crazy deranged crackhead that was the downfall of Bobby Brown, but it never talked about the the person that she was before the drugs. Although addiction definitely played a role in the downward spiral of their relationship, that was nothing compared to the way that the media and the society shamed them. As mentioned in the biopic, the media would make statements that Bobby Brown was not good enough for Whitney or and that he was a "Leech and a Thug". Thats right ! They straight defamed bobby image and character. At the time, Whitney was painted as Queen Elizabeth and Bobby was a animalistic thug that was always in trouble and not worthy of her. Keep in mind Bobby behavior was no different than that of a young rock and roll star but because of race the rockstar is a rebellious young kids that is just having fun. One of the oldest tactics in the book introduced by Willie Lynch is to keep the slaves against one another. We have seen this tactic be used time and time again in the black poverty filled communities. Remove the headship of the household, which is the black man and watch how bad the household crumbles. And what better way to keep a black man down other than to strip him of his confidence and ability to provide for his wife and his kids. Bobby was thrown in jail time and time again leaving whitney alone battling addiction taking care of home holding shit down. And let's talk about what was done to Whitney. Our own people booed her calling her "whitey" instead of whitney because wasn't perceived as"Black Enough." Her music was considered mainstream pop and she didn't have dance moves and a hiphop feel so the culture did not feel that she was identifying with us. She was constantly called a crackhead, gossiped about and just thrown in the mud. Despite all of the pressure from the media, the couple still continued to show the world unconditional love that they had for one another. Of course though , the pressure was there, and they began to become frustrated with all of the rumors and gossip that they heard about one another on top of all of the personal issues that they were having and started to blame each other. That shit started to break them down and it eventually would be the reason they parted ways. I honestly feel like if they wasn't mocked so much and was able to have some form of privacy, maybe the couple could have got some much needed help to work on themselves and their relationship. Instead though they both were taunted even up until Whitney's deathbed. The taunting and the lack of privacy was probably one of the things that caused the both of them to do drugs in the first place. Thats the fucking problem though! We will rather make fun of people or gossip instead of allowing people to be human, make mistakes and help when we see those that are lacking.

Whitney and Bobby were both victims of struggling with fame and that was one of the things that kept them together. Thats right ..Struggle. Struggle is the foundation of black love. It can either keep us together or break us apart. Well I ain't gonna break down the whole science of my theory because it is pretty much self explanatory. But just watch the Bobby and Whitney Reality tv show from 2005, and any other story talking about the relationship of the 2 of them and this time open your eyes. Look at that couple not to judge but to understand and your whole view of them will change. But I aint no Dr. Phil so fuck it dont listen to my opinion cuz I aint scholarly. Just a another black women from a poverty filled community that read a book.

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