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Dallas Cop Kills Unarmed Black Man in His Own Home!!!!!

On September 6, 2018 Brother Botham Shem Jean was in his own apartment when officer Amber Guyger unannounced barged into his apartment and shot and killed him. Guyger who has been working in the police department for the last 5 years stated that she thought she was at her own apartment and thought that Botham was a burglar. She did not realize that she was at the wrong home until after she placed the 911 call....yea ok

So let's get into just some of the facts that are associated with this case.

1.)Officer lived directly under the victims house.

According to the police officer, she was so tired because she had worked a 16 hour shift that it affected her ability to be Oriented. She claims that had no idea she had gotten off the elevator on the wrong floor. Let's suppose that this is in fact true.(which I doubt that it is) As a police officer your are trained to be on alert of your surroundings at all times. At what point do you hold your head up to take a look at your environment? Not only did you go to the wrong door but you went to the wrong floor which means that either something else had your undivided attention or you are just plain lying about what happened.

2.) Guyger Apartment did not have a floor mat but Jeans did!

Guyger allegedly paid no attention that there was a red floor mat in front of the door. Her apartment does not have a doormat so it never triggered her mind that there was a new red rug in front of her door. In Fact the door numbers are even listed on the outside of the doors. Guyger Apartment number is 1378 and Jeans apartment number was 1478. Another instance where the officer is allegedly just flat out not paying attention.

3.)Conflicting Statements of how she got into the apartment.

The first statement she gave she said that the door was slightly ajar and that was how she was able to get in the apartment. Then she turned around and said that the door opened by her using her electronic key. None of the bullshit makes sense to me tho.

On top of the 3 things that I named the officers character is should definitely be up for question because just last year ] (May 2017)she shot a man identified as Uvaldo Perez who allegedly became combativie with her and was able to take the taser from her.Do you see a connection of the officer not being on alert to her surroundings to secure safety? Now Im not saying that that scenario was or wasn't justified, but I do believe that after going through such a traumatic situation as this one you would maybe need time off or counseling. She had to shoot someone. Don't yall think that afterwards you would be more cautious of your surroundings and possibly more hasty to shoot again if you feel like the other person was stronger than you or you felt danger? I honestly feel like there is more to the story than the media and attorneys are releasing. Like for example I am just now hearing that earlier that day there was a noise complaint called in to the apartment the same that that botham was murdered. And also why was there police equipment found in Bothams apartment? I have so many unanswerd questions and I will be keeping track of this case on the news... Be on alert for my podcast episode about this.

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