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#SelfcheckSunday Notebooks Are Here!!!!!!

As all of you may/may not know Queen Quaymo Podcast has a segment on the show called "Selfcheck Sundays". Selfcheck Sunday is a episode geared specifically for my listeners to help encourage, inspire and motivate individuals to take that additional time to do some self reflection, preparation, and relaxation. To help with the the process I have designed a notebook to help you prepare for the week as well as journal down your feelings and experiences. I wanna encourage all of my listeners to write! If it's not documented, then Its not Done! We have to stop letting other people who didn't live our lives tell our stories. Write your own history! Tell your own stories! We up next my negus!!!!! Grab your copy today!!!

Here's How:

Purchase your copy on amazon for $8.00 on www.queenquaymo.com

I would like to thank everyone for listening and supporting the Queen Quaymo Podcast! Yall my Peoples

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