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Let's Talk About LaQuan Mcdonald..Was Justice Served?

On October 20,2014, Laquan Mcdonald ( a 17 year old young King from Chicago Illinois) was horrically and viciously slayed in the streets of Chicago Police officer "Jason Van Dyke". Originally when the story arouse, the shooting was " justified." However, a year later the police dash cam was released and it showed Mcdonald walking away from the police when he was shot 16 times . This had the communities of Chicago and all across the world in a uproar and many people from the community began protesting and rioting. Since then, as of October 3, 2018 Van Dyke was convicted of 2nd degree murder and is awaiting sentencing. So a lot of people are asking has justice really been served? Is the Conviction of 2nd degree murder enough? Well let's talk a little bit more about the details associated with this case.

The Witnesses: Besides the officers statements, there were 2 men who also came forward and gave their statement of what happened the night Laquan was murdered. Jose and Xavier Torres stated that they witnessed the shooting and that the narration that Mcdonald had launched toward the police officer with a knife was false. In fact Mcdonald was at least 3 feet away from the officer before he was shot 16 times in cold blood.

The Dash Cam: The dash cam shows Mcdonald running in the middle of the street in the direction headed away from the police when shots were fired and he fell to the ground landing on his right side. In the video you can see smoking rising away from his body and several more shots continued and the alleged knife was kicked out of his hand.

The Political problems: As mentioned in the beginning passages of this article, the shooting out reached the community which contributed to protest and push for activist to plan for their response if there was not a conviction made.The conviction of Van Dyke is happening right at the brim of early election. Even though their is a conviction was a conviction do not be forget about the other cases of poilce brutality especailly one of the most recent one where a spolice officer shot a heroic security guard, and let us please not forget about Botham Jean. Check out my podcast episode about Laquan Mcdonald .(Search Queen Quaymo Podcast on itunes,IheartRadio, Spotify and Google Play Music.

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