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Why You Should Buy A Selfcheck Sunday Planner/Journal

As mentioned numerous times on my podcast show, I grew up in the projects/inner city communities and was always a tough cookie to crack. Deep down though, I was miserable. I didn't love myself the way that I should. I sometimes would bully others just to take the attention off of my own flaws that I was insecure about. For example , like having nappy ass hair, being dark skinned, and having acne as young as 10 years old. Anybody that can remember me knows how much I use to fight and talk shit ( well I still talk shit) but overall I was a pretty decent person just was battling. It wasn't until I turned 23/24 I moved to another state and I started really journaling. As I read some of the shit that I was writing I realized how much pain I was in, But for the first time I was able to express what was going on with me emotionally. I have been keeping journals/and tablets every since 2013 and have seen some major improvements in my attitudes and mindset. Since then I started a Podcast and I began having a lot of conversations with people who are hurting like me. Thats when the idea hit me! Let me create a Journal and Planner! Here are some reasons why everyone should keep a journal,notebook,and planner.

1.) Journals help document your history! In the African American community, We have a lack of documented history in history books and in the homes. It is time to break those chains by documenting our own stories and write down our own experiences and history. TELL YOUR OWN STORY!! DON'T LET ANYONE TELL IT FOR YOU!

2.)Writing your plan down helps you achieve goals!

When you want to build anything you have to have a blueprint. Writing your plans down help you build with a solid foundation.Also(on some science shit) Writing things down send different signals to your brain that scream" This is Important!" Write your goals down and get that car moving.

3.) Journaling helps to Balance your emotions and helps with healing.

Writing your down your pain and emotion is a healthy outlet and increases self awareness. You really get to know yourself more just by writing down your true thoughts, feelings, and goals. You gain more understanding and clarity about different things in your life. Make sure you keep it real when you write,Because if you can't keep it real with yourself, how do you expect others to be real with you? Also stress is also linked to emotional blockage! Let that shit out my brothers and sisters! Heal!

4.)Journals and Planners help Spark Creativity.

Yall will be surprised at how just sitting down with a pen and notebook can change your life. I have been blessed with so many good podcast ideas,goals,and projects just from sitting down and mapping things out. Let those creative juices flow and write it down so when you are ready to execute you can piece things together!!

I can give y'all at least 25 more reason as to why everyone should keep a journal or a planner but Ion like typing like that. LOL So make sure you tune into Queen Quaymo podcast available on Itunes,Iheartradio, Google Play Music,Spotify etc! Also make sure you go to the shop available on www.queenquaymo.com and buy your planner today! If you cant afford to invest in the SelfcheckSunday planner then grab the Selfcheck Sunday Notebook that is on sale for $8.00 and start documenting your story today! Not Documented, Not Done!!

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