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Just last year I decided to start a podcast and I had no clue what the hell I was doing. The first 3 episodes that I recorded I used my iphone, and boy when I tell you that those shits was trash I mean them shit was trash. lol But as time went on I really learned a whole lot valuable information and even learned how to monetize my craft. Often times people think that podcasting is just getting on a microphone talking a bunch of nonsense, having fun and then boom! We are now "The Breakfast Club." In all actuality tho, podcasting is really exciting, but there is a lot of hard work that goes into making a great show. In fact, there is actually a list of things that you should consider before starting your podcast.

  1. Choose a Scope of conversation you can commit to. This is extremely important to know what issues and topics you want to focus on. This is also one of the keys to creating content, building a audience,and creating a podcast category.(you should do a google search about itunes new and noteworthy for more information about why that is important.

  2. Chemistry Test-Make sure that if you have other show host that the chemistry is there. It is ok to mix and match different personalities but you also have to make sure that chemistry is there before going through the hoops of planning episodes.You dont want a "Yes" Man to be on the show but you also dont want someone who you could potentially have a real life conflict with either.

  3. Practice and Pre-record episodes - The more that you practice, the more success that the show will have! Everyone one is confident and good at talking shit until that mic comes on. There is a different type of energy once you begin recording.Try to keep in mind that once you record and post that episode, that there are other people listening and once its said you can't put those words back in your mouth. Even if you delete episodes, you never know who heard it

  4. Figure out who you want to host your show through.

You can host through Anchor Fm, Libsyn,Soundcloud and more. Do your research and choose who you think has the better options for you.

5.) PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE! Advertising the show is so important. Set a Launch date and begin promoting the show as soon as possible to build your audience and let people know that you coming with the heat. Start going live of social media and give people a preview of what they can look forward to hearing, and try doing some collabs with other shows. Lastly publish the show!

Thats all of the free information that I have for you guys, However if you are interested in starting a podcast and would like some more valuable gem to get it started and learn to monetize book my Podcasting course available on my website and dont forget to check out my show!

Podcast training course -https://www.queenquaymo.com/book-online

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