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Resources for felons

 Nationally, 76 percent of all inmates released end up back in jail 5 years after being released. Living life after incarceration can be extremely hard to shake especially without a solid support team and good resources! Here is a list of resources that offer certification and therapy to helping our broken men/families getting there feet moving into the right direction of healing! The Urban League(you don’t have to be a felon to enter the urban league new beginnings program! They offer a variety of trade skills trading certifying you for careers for free like • Apartment Maintenance Technology * CDL Truck Driver Class A & B * Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) * Certified Nurses’ Assistant (CNA) * Comp TIA A+ * Culinary Arts * Dental Assisting * Forklift * HVAC Maintenance Technician * Human Resources Assistant * Microsoft Office Word * Patient Access Specialist * Pharmacy Technician * Phlebotomy * Quick Books Pro * Welding Contact -Phone: 212-558-5300 National Website: https://nul.org/contact-us https://www.indplsul.org/programs/workforce-development-training/ Help felons organization- https://helpforfelons.org/ Hire felons - https://www.hirefelons.org/entrepreneurship-training-programs-felons/ Goodwill- https://www.goodwill.org/jobs-training/ Goodwill is kind of like urban league where u do not have to be a felon to enter the program Also be sure to check out the second chance reentry programs in your state! Also in addition to the programs offer support! Support comes indifferent forms just by being a listening ear, offering information like this as well as encourage a person starting over to create plans and write things down! A new beginning and fresh start can happen to any of us not just from being incarcerated but even moving, getting a divorce, finishing high school/college, a recent death, being sick ect! This is why we should offer encouragement, support, and resources! Have a great day y’all I hope this was helpful 

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